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Anne’s bad news boyfriend

Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend, real estate developer Raffaelo Follieri, was arrested when a check amounting to $250,000 bounced.  The businessman was charged with a misdemeanor this week for writing bad checks and rumor has it that he was not even close to being able to cover the amount on the check.  The Italian has had a string of legal problems since becoming Anne’s boyfriend and check fraud is now added to that list.

How can a person accidentally mistake that he has a quarter of a million dollars in his bank account?  Looks like Anne is the breadwinner in this relationship.


Hollywood survival tips

Anne offered her personal advice on how to cope with big career problems.  She said that keeping her problems in perspective helps her in staying grounded.  Realizing that her troubles are insignificant compared to other people’s worries also helps.  The 23-year-old star of “The Devil Wears Prada” told Hello magazine, “Crazy is relative.  Some people might get flustered if a nail breaks, some people live in war-torn countries and handle that.  You just have to keep things in perspective.”

She also revealed that she bakes to keep from being stressed.  “To relax I bake.  My boyfriend is a great cook.  I am a terrible cook but I’m an amazing baker.  There’s something incredibly therapeutic about baking because as an actor you’re always going on instinct.  So it’s nice to have a recipe for something, specific instructions.” – words of wisdom from this brunette beauty.

It’s good to know that celebrities are humans too.  We should realize that they are people who experience problems and stress just like we do.  Keeping this in mind helps a lot with breaking free of the misconception that celebrities are better than normal people.  In fact in some ways, in personal and private aspects of their lives, they are less fortunate than us because they are always in the spotlight of the media.  One mistake or one scandal is enough to cost them their careers.


Anne loves Julia Roberts

The star of “The Princess Diaries” has revealed that she is a big Julia Roberts fan and idolizes the superstar actress for her individual style and amazing acting talent.  The actress said, “Julia is just phenomenal.  It’s funny because for a long time I wanted to be Julia Roberts, and then I realized what makes her so great is that she’s totally inimitable.  So I realized I’m just going to be myself and fall short.”

But Anne Hathaway can also boast of a number of critically-acclaimed roles under her belt.  When she landed a role in the Academy Award-winning film “Brokeback Mountain”, she considered it as the best career choice she ever made.  “After ‘Princess Diaries’ and ‘Ella Enchanted’, I was starting to be associated with a certain type of character.  To be able to do a film like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ to break people’s preconceptions of me was really lucky.  It was the best thing I could have done.”

I for one am happy for the actress’ recent success and blossoming acting career.  To be stereotyped and associated with one type of character is an actor’s worst nightmare.  It limits the projects available to the actor and hinders his career development severely.  So, like almost all the actors in Hollywood nowadays, celebrities tend to diversify, opting for different roles in different movies to showcase their respective acting ability.


Anne gets free alcohol

During the filming of “The Devil Wears Prada”, Anne revealed that the producers of the film would give her free alcohol to be served with her meals.  The actress said she had a great time filming in Paris.  “It was great!  They served wine with meals – you’d never get that on an American set.  Having a glass at midday really took the edge off.”

Anne was also forced to question her stereotypes about the fashion world while filming the movie.  “I found it superficial at the beginning.  I thought fashion was frivolous but now I find it incredibly creative.  The film totally changed my feelings towards fashion.”


Hathaway’s hardships in Becoming Jane

Anne says that “Becoming Jane” was a movie that definitely tested her ability as an actress.  She said it was a nightmare shooting the film.  She struggled continuously with her accent while playing the lead role of Jane Austen, the British writer whose life is portrayed in this film.  While filming in a cold Irish climate, Anne said, “There were certain days when we were filming in Ireland and it was so cold, and you’re trying not to freeze to death and of course I’m trying to do the accent.  It’s so cold it makes you very tight which can make your voice sound higher.”  And it was always raining at the set, contributing more to the brunette’s woes.

Anne also admitted that her intonation was so poor that most of her dialogue had to be re-recorded.  “I started to sound a bit too much like myself and not at all like Jane.  After all that accent work, about 80 percent of the dialogue in the film was unusable.  I had to go to England to re-record it all,” the actress said.  She was terrified of portraying the legendary British writer and was very determined to impress the critics who will surely scrutinize her performance when the movie is released.  She was so exhausted after filming the movie and she recalls, “This was my first big accent undertaking.  The pressure of playing someone so beloved and of whom people are so fiercely protective was nerve-wracking.  I’ve never been so exhausted as when I finished this movie.  It took me about two months to regain my strength.”